{bash script} V2.4 | Free software downloads at


  • Ping remote target or web domain
  • Show Local Connections (see my machine connections)
  • Show my Ip address and arp cache
  • see/change macaddress
  • change my PC hostname
  • Scan Local network (search for live hosts inside local network)
  • search in external lan for hosts
  • Scan remote host (using nmap to perform a scan to target machine)
  • execute Nmap command (direct from shell)
  • Open router config page
  • search for target geo-location
  • Ip tracer whois (open website database whois and geo-location)
  • WebCrawler (open websecurify webcrawler website)
  • DDoS java Script (perform DDoS attacks external network)
  • Retrieve metadata (from a web-domain)
  • Config ettercap (etter.conf))
  • Launch MITM (using ettercap to perform MITM)
  • show URLs visited (by target machine under MITM)
  • Sniff remote pics (by target machine under MITM)
  • sniff SSL-HTTPS logins
  • Dns-Spoofing (redirect web-domains to another ip address)
  • DoS attack (local netwok)
  • Compile etter.filters
  • execute ettercap filter
  • make/encode payloads [metasplit]
  • edit/execute root3.rb on a meterpreter session open
  • start a listener [metasploit]
  • webcrawler
  • d. Delete lock folders
  • a. about netool
  • q. quit

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